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Parkland woman becomes first openly autistic person to practice law in Florida

At 3, Haley Moss was diagnosed with autism and doctors thought she may never be able to work a minimum wage job or live on her own. Last month, she became the first openly autistic person to be admitted to the Florida Bar.

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Twenty-One Years After Her Autism Diagnosis, Haley Moss Is Admitted to the Florida Bar

In 1997, a doctor told Rick and Sherry Moss that their 3-year-old daughter Haley had not yet spoken because she is autistic.

Their daughter would likely never graduate from high school, the doctor said, never make a friend, never get a driver’s license.

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20-year journey culminates with law degree and a renewed mission

Haley Moss has never allowed labels to define her, but she’s willing to make a small exception for her latest accomplishment.

The 24-year-old artist, published author, and autism activist, passed the Florida Bar exam in September, capping off three-years at the University of Miami School of Law.

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Schools double up on motivation – Artist and author Haley Moss: OK to be different

Artist and author Haley Moss will be the first to tell you that her eighth grade year wasn’t exactly fun.

“I went to three schools in three years,” she told an audience at Ellis Middle School on Tuesday. “I don’t think I made one friend in that year.”

But that year also spurred her first attempts at writing which years later would eventually contribute to her book “Middle School: the Stuff No One Tells You About.”

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Haley Moss Full Interview


Fact: Given that I was already on national television (CNN), met many celebrities, and have written a book about autism, my ASD status has not been exactly a mystery. Most icebreakers with meeting new people involved my “fun fact” relating to one of those things. I disclosed to some people in more detail, so I will share those here:

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UF student publishes her second book

A UF student with high-functioning autism wants to help incoming freshmen survive their first year of college.

Haley Moss, a 19-year-old UF psychology and criminology senior, published her second book on Monday. The book, “A Freshman Survival Guide for College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Stuff Nobody Tells you About!,” is about her experiences during her first year of college.

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Parkland artist shines amid a sea of celebrities

The 10th annual Samsung Hope for Children event in New York last week featured former President Bill Clinton and celebrities such as Jennifer LopezDemi MooreDan Marino, and Jimmie Johnson, but a Parkland teenager who uses her artistic talents to help raise money for charities ended up winning the most hearts.

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Teen with autism advises other 'different' kids

Figuring out what's cool. Struggling for acceptance. Dealing with homework. These are familiar perils of middle school. But Haley Moss did it all while dealing with a hidden challenge: autism.

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Get to Know Haley Moss

Fifteen-year-old Haley Moss is a talented artist whose artwork is on display in several galleries. She recently got a book published called Middle School: The Stuff Nobody Tells You filled with tons of advice on navigating through the often-tough world of middle school.

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Overcoming Obstacles

It has been 12 years, but Parkland resident Rick Moss still remembers the day his daughter, Haley, was diagnosed with autism.

"The doctor didn't offer us any hope," he said. "He gave us statistics, said she would be lucky to talk. I guess he saw the hole, not the doughnut."

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Blogs and Assorted Misc. Interviews


In this Friday’s edition of Spin Story, we have a truly remarkable tale to share. Haley Moss started going to RedBike in July, but it was only recently that she shared her story with us.


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Haley Moss: “Different Isn’t Bad and It Isn’t Less”

Haley, I don’t know where to begin! You do so many things…artist, author and autism advocate. Why don’t we start by having you share what it was like growing up on the autism spectrum.

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